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Settlement of Disputes

Settlement of Disputes

Moreover the Firm has extensive experience in the field of dispute resolution through different jurisdictions, as well as resolving the same by amicable settlement, as it involve expert legal teams in different legal aspects (commercial, administrative, criminal, and civil) as well as been involved in different types of claims (customs, negotiable instruments “Check, promissory note, bill of exchange” matrimonial matters – employment – real estate).


Services provided in this field are as follows:-

  1. Studying the claim, drafting the statement therein, and appeal memos thereof.
  2. Pleading before all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies in their all types and grades
  3. Resolving disputes through the Amicable Settlement Administration.




Due to the importance of Arbitration as a means of dispute resolution, our Firm has devoted great attention to this field to serve our clients either by drafting the arbitration clause or Arbitration Agreement (arbitral agreement) or by being appointed as arbitrators.