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Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia


What is Trademarks? Trademarks include everything that takes a distinctive form, such as names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, numbers, addresses, seals, drawings, pictures, inscriptions, packaging, graphic elements, shapes, colors, combinations of colors, any sign or group of signs or a combination thereof. Trademark registration Protection period. Trademark registration protection extends to 10 years.   Trademark […]

Establishing company in Saudi Arabia- establishing an LLC – Lawyer in Saudi Arabia


Establishing  company in Saudi Arabia goes through three main stages: 1-Issuing an investment license 2-Issuance of authentication of the company incorporation contract 3-Issuing the commercial register Here, we explain the main steps for issuing an investment license in Saudi Arabia Services License Before starting a business in Saudi Arabia you need to issue a license […]

Payment of overtime


Can the employer provide time off (Leave days) instead of payment of overtime? Knowing that the employee has accepted that, as he doesn’t want the money as the leave days will fulfill his needs. The answer:  Under labour law provisions, the employee is entitled to the following types of leave: Paid annual leave (the period […]

INTLECTUALE PROPERY – Copyright in shared works


There are a group of  people co-authored a specific work, and after finishing its authorship, a dispute arose regarding the right to exercise the copyright, so everyone claims that he has the right to exercise copyright, so who has the right to such a situation?   The copyright protection system dealt with this phenomenon under […]

Intellectual Property (Copyright)


What is Copyright? Copyright is a legal term that describes the rights granted to creators with respect to their literary and artistic works. Copyright covers a wide range of works, from books, music, oil paintings, sculptures and films to software, databases, advertisements, geographical maps and technical drawings. What can be protected by copyright? Full lists […]