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A high-level international trade union delegation looks into the work of the labor court in Riyadh

A high-level international trade union delegation looks into the work of the labor court in Riyadh

The Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Sharan Buru, praised the work process of the Labor Court and its procedures to facilitate the beneficiaries, noting the digital transformation witnessed by the Court, saying: “You will have one of the most modern courts in the world through the development you are working on now.” .

This came during the official visit to the Labor Court in Riyadh by the Chairman of the National Committee of Labor Committees in Saudi Arabia, with a delegation from the General Secretariat of the International Federation of Trade Unions, headed by the Secretary-General of the Union Mrs. Sharan Boru and the accompanying delegation.

During the tour, the delegation was briefed on the digital courtrooms, beneficiary service bureaus, the unified translation center which translates in more than 17 international languages, in addition to sign language translation, and the Labor Studies Office for the Development of Labor in Labor Courts. The Labor Court, which is carried out through the various digital platforms of the Ministry, and on the most important competencies of the labor judiciary and the reflection of its role on improving the work environment through the achievement of completed justice and the resolution of labor disputes.

During the working session, the delegation discussed with the court’s staff a number of issues related to workers and their rights, and the role of the court in raising awareness about human rights culture and raising awareness for employers and workers. The delegation also learned about legal and justice guarantees for workers’ rights and the latest digital services in the court. In electronic settings and electronic link with the parties, and electronic instrument


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