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Digital transformation of documentation reaches its highest level

Digital transformation of documentation reaches its highest level

In its first year, the digital transformation of documentation breaks the 4 million documentary process
The Ministry of Justice has revealed that the documentation has broken the barrier of 4 million documentary processes, within a year of the launch of the new phase of documentation by dispensing paper and digitizing the services provided by the Notary , on 10 Rabi Al Awwal 1440 H. .

The Ministry of Justice said that the operations included more than 2.5 million operations on authorization and declarations, including 400 thousand authorization issued through the portal “Nags” without the need to visit the Notary , in addition to 1.3 million operations to document real estate.

The Ministry of Justice pointed out that the modernization of the real estate instrument amounted to 24,291 operations, in addition to 7,196 applications for a real estate instrument in lieu of missing, while the applications for transfer of ownership of real estate  reached 5230 operations, in addition to more than 30 thousand verification of the real estate instrument.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the digital transformation in the documentation sector launched by the Minister of Justice in the early spring of 1440 AH, includes a number of digital forensic services, with the aim of dispensing paper and facilitating the beneficiaries;

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that the digital transformation in the documentation sector has provided a range of services for beneficiaries, the most important of which is the issuance of electronic agencies, a service that cancels the paper, as the beneficiary does not have to visit the writings of justice to obtain his agency, which will receive him on his mobile number registered in the portal, “Absher”.

The ministry said that the new services included a query service for Wakalati, which allows beneficiaries to verify their valid agencies with the possibility of dissolving the agency they do not wish to continue, in addition to looking at the agency’s query record; In addition to the agency verification service that allows entities to verify the agency electronically through a number of technical channels available, such as the use of e-government network “Yesser”, or the interactive phone on the unified number of e-services of the ministry 920025888, or the ministry’s portal, or application S official of the Ministry through the entry number and agency identification number one party to the agency; to show the full details of the agency, and its edges and condition.

The Ministry of Justice pointed out that the digital transformation of documentation would save more than 8 million papers annually used to accomplish the work of justice writings in the Kingdom, which reflects positively on the efficiency of spending; especially the preservation of the environment as well as facilitating the beneficiaries; The paper is a burden and not to attend the headquarters of the writings of justice in order to issue specific items from agencies.