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INTLECTUALE PROPERY – Copyright in shared works

INTLECTUALE PROPERY – Copyright in shared works

There are a group of  people co-authored a specific work, and after finishing its authorship, a dispute arose regarding the right to exercise the copyright, so everyone claims that he has the right to exercise copyright, so who has the right to such a situation?


The copyright protection system dealt with this phenomenon under the name of joint and collective works, as this right was arranged for all shareholders to compose the work together when there is a condition that no individual’s contribution to the work is separated, and all of them are in considered has equal right as a partners in the Intellectual property  the ownership of the work, and none of them may be directly alone as an individual Unless otherwise , agreed written ( written agreement )  copyright established under the copyright protection system.


Each of the authors has the right to take the required and the necessarily legal action to protect his intellectuality property  precautionary and urgent measures in the  event of breach of his  intellectuality property’s right    an infringement on the work, and he has the right to claim compensation for his share part  in exchange for the damage caused by the  infringement of rights on other side if it is possible to separate the contribution of each partner of them in the joint work, then in this case, each partner of them has the right to exercise  his  part of it separately, however he wants has to  commit  that this does not harm the exploitation of the joint work, unless agreed to otherwise, where the legislator has taken work with the rule of not Harm to others, even if that act brings benefit.


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